Goals for our operations

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Customer satisfaction is crucial to us
• We follow the quality level that the customer has specified in writing.
• We aim for continuous improvement of quality and our operations through quality cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of our quality work
• We create preconditions for continuous quality improvement with training and development of preparedness required for quality production.
• For continuous improvement, we use the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) method
• Our yearly quality goals are the milestones of our quality improvement

In one go
• Our principle is to finish the work in one go. This enables to ensure competitive and flawless products as well as fast services
• Each of us is responsible for the quality of own work and we ensure it with own confirmation
• Each of us has the right and obligation to intervene in discovered quality deviations and errors
• We are all responsible for the order and cleanness of own working environment

Environmental Policy
• Kilkanen takes responsibility for the environment in all of its operations. Environmental impact is observed as a part of developing company business operations.
• We are aware of the environmental impact of our operations and we set goals related to environmental protection. Our Environmental Policy and its goals are assessed and developed regularly.
• We strive for developing the use of materials as economically and environmentally friendly as possible
• We reduce the amount of waste with efficient waste separation and recycling
• Kilkanen Oy brings out environmental aspects and strives for finding development possibilities together with all of its employees.
• Kilkanen operates according to legislation and regulatory provisions. Issues related to environmental protection are discussed openly with all our interest groups.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
• Kilkanen Oy commits to following and developing occupational health and safety. Our personnel bring up ideas for continuous improvement.
• Kilkanen Oy brings up safety issues and strives together with the entire staff for finding corrective and preventive measures. We aim to prevent injuries and health damage.
• Safe working environment is ensured with familiarization, work safety analysis and the necessary measures.
• We are committed to follow the laws, directives and regulations.
• We observe fulfilment of our goals regularly and set new goals and objectives when necessary.

Our business is based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 quality and environment management certificates which for us ensures the quality of products and streamlined processes. Operations control and efficiency is ensured with Control 9000 -ERP and with Adjutant -production control system. Kilkanen is also a certified Achilles Power&Tech supplier.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enhances the processing of orders and streamlines the production process. We measure and analyze the activities on a regular basis. The main indicators we use are: delivery reliability and quality (ppm). Corrective and preventive measures, as well as continuous improvement of quality is ensured with quality team management and training.

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