A new logo for Leinolat Group – group look unified


Leinolat Group introduces a new logo, which unifies the visual appearance of the entire group. A new type of logo and new fonts are used by the companies in the group.

The changes concern, among other things, the group´s graphic guidelines and the visuality marketing materials.

- We wanted to update the visual look of the group companies to a more unified appearance, says Leinolat Group Sales Manager Kaj Pärkkä .

Last year, Leinolat Group acquired T-Drill which manufactures pipe fabrication tools. T-Drill will continue with its current visual look with logos and appearance.

The new modern look for Leinolat Group was designed by advertising agency Buorre Creation from Vaasa. The old logos were used since 2006.

Some of the old logos have already been replaced. The aim is to get the majority of the logos on updated early this year

VAASA, FINLAND 21.2.2014

Kilkanen logo word2 T Drill logot word2
Leimec logot word2 Uwira logo word2
LVI leinolat word2  
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