EnergyVaasa report to Team Finland

Leinolat Group was along with other companies giving the EnergyVaasa report of the energyambassador to minister Vapaavuori´s stand in Esa Härmälä who is the head of the energy department of the ministry of employment and economy.

This event was arranged in the US embassy, where the host for the evening was the US ambassador Bruce Oreck. Leinolat Group participated in the journey of the energy ambassador in the ecuador power plant and carefully followed his trip around the world. The representatives from Leinolat Group were Raimo Leinola (CEO Leinolat Group), Samuli Kuusisto (CEO Uwira company), and Anne Hanka (CEO T-Drill company).

Ambassador Oreck

US embassy2

Oreck Itkonen

Oreck Leinolat Group2

Pentti Itkonen was elected as the 2013 Energy Ambassador, because he had all the necessary qualities for the task. Pentti started his journey around the world in the Finnish Lapland the 26th of august. He returned to Finland in the beginning of October after a colorful and successful journey. In ten weeks Pentti visited a total of ten countries becoming familiar with Finnish designed and produced innovation in in the field of energy. He also saw the impact these solutions had for the local people and the environment.

HELSINKI, 3.12.2013

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