Leimec Has Developed a New Pulse Filter Solution with Airflow Capacity of 12 m3/s and Upwards

We have developed our own alternative to the bag filter solution traditionally used in filtering the incoming airflow to engines. The difference between the conventional and the new solution is remarkable.

The bag filters traditionally used resemble the dust bags used in vacuum cleaners: dust is collected inside the bag, and once the bag is full it needs to be replaced.

Instead of being replaced, the new pulse filter is cleaned using an innovative method. Once the accumulated dust has filled the filter cartridge, the dust is removed by compressed air pulsing. The cartridge is cleaned and the filtration efficiency remains high.

Leimec pulssisuodatin Kopio2    

The benefits of our new solution, currently in prototype phase, include comparatively long maintenance intervals. According to our estimates, the cartridges will need to be replaced once every two years, depending on the circumstances. The replacement interval of the conventional bag filters, on the other hand, is as short as 1–3 months.

In addition to this, the filtration efficiency offered by the pulse filter solution by far exceeds that of conventional bag filters. This means that the engine and the turbocharger will remain cleaner. The benefits in comparison to a bag filter solution are undisputed.

There is an increasing demand in the market for improved filtration technology as well as solutions with longer maintenance intervals. With our upcoming solution, the customer will get both benefits.


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