Leinolat Group aboard in a significant research project

Rebus development2

Leinolat Group is participating in a new research project called Rebus – Towards Relational Business Practices. The venture, carried out by Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster FIMECC, aims at making scientific breakthroughs in the areas of networks and business ecosystems.

In operation since the beginning of 2014, the program challenges participating companies to take major leaps in developing networked business practices as well as in changing their underlying mindsets of managerial behaviour. The goal of Leinolat Group is to improve their internal and external networks as well as to develop their abilities in managing business ecosystems.

Rebus focuses on developing four separate components, all of which address relational business practices. These components are: project business networks, logistics networks, R&D networks, and distribution networks. The main objective of the project is to create a collection of verified relational business practices whose applicability is proven in practice and that are also shown to be beneficial in terms of growth, efficiency, and innovation for the enterprises involved.

Seven Finnish research institutions, over 20 companies, and nearly 20 international collaboration universities take part in the Rebus program alongside Leinolat Group. University of Vaasa operates as a cooperation partner for Leinolat Group, underpinning its progress during the project.

The total budget for the five-year program exceeds EUR 40 million. Rebus is funded by the participating private companies, public research institutions, and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

6.10.2014 TAMPERE, Finland

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