Leinolat Group acquired T-Drill


On thursday 27/06/2013 Leinolat Group has acquired the majority of the company T-Drill from Osmo Syrenius. Part of the trade is also a subsidiary in Atlanta.

Leinolat Group has long sought to expand the business base and seeking new areas to develop. The company has also invested in a direct increase exports and developed its own products in the market, and the acquisition of T-Drill products strenghten Leinolat Group's product range.

The acquisition is a major step for both companies viewing on the export market, since these companies can utilize synergies in customer segments. Also, because T-Drill business is about 95% direct exports.

"The acquisition was easy to implement, because a great company was for sale that fits Leinolat Group's strategy very well. T-Drill is close to us, and a familiar company. In addition, ownership easily reached a consensus, " Leinolat Group CEO Raimo Leinolat commented on the acquisition.

Business in T-Drill and Leinolat Group will continue as before, and all employees will continue to work as usual.

"It's great that T-Drill found a new, familiar, and family-owned company in Ostrobothnia. Leinolat Group has long traditions, and it is safe to be a part of it, "summarizes the T-Drill CEO Anne Hanka.

Along with this acquisition Leinolat Group's turnover will increase from about 20 million to 30 million. At the same time the number of employees will increase by almost half, up to 200 employees.

-VAASA, Finland, 28.6.2013

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