Uwira and Kilkanen have grown into international project suppliers

Vaasa based Uwira and Kilkanen have grown from metal works into technology companies working on international projects. “We have been developing our operations persistently for years jointly with our subsidiary Kilkanen Oy”, says Samuli Kuusisto, CEO of Uwira Oy. The company focuses on welding, pipework, and machining projects. The company’s key customer segments are marine, power, oil&gas, and nuclear power industries. ”We have implemented many LNG (liquified natural gas) projects in recent years and are observing actively growing LNG market”, says Kuusisto.

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Through LNG projects and as a result of hard work the companies got many new customers globally. The employees’ attitude towards security matters had to be changed. ”For example LNG pipelines need to operate faultlessly and safely under all conditions on tankers, terminals, off-shore vessels, as well as subsea facilities located at 300m depth. That is why everything is thoroughly documented and quality assured”, says Otto Lammi who is in charge of production control at Uwira. All production stages are documented in detail to ensure transparency and fulfillment of customer requirements. With subsea products, actual quality of surface treatment plays a vital role in lifecycle of products. Ocean conditions are extremely demanding to steel, so, even a small surface imperfection will shorten product lifecycle significantly.

Recent projects include, among others, Bit Viking tanker’s fuel system conversion to LNG. Uwira and Kilkanen supplied LNG and bunker oil pipelines. All of them were delivered to the customer on turnkey basis, installed on site. Similar pipeline deliveries that are ready to install have been dispatched to by the companies to several off-shore vessels. Additionally, pipeline modules were delivered to oil drilling vessels in Brasil. The material demand has increased especially in bright stainless steels and special steels for example 253MA, 254SMO, Duplex, Super Duplex.

Uwira and Kilkanen have been doing well in the world of globalization by focusing on applications that require skill. Projects demand knowledge throughout the entire chain from design to final delivery, and cooperation with customers should work seamlessly. The proof of successful and cost-effective implementations is new offer requests received by the companies and the order book formed by them. ”There is plenty of potential for growth in the world, and the entire Leinolat Group provides good opportunities for that”, CEO Kuusisto concludes.

17.9.2014 VAASA, Finland

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