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We manufacture all sizes of highly machined components in a wide range. We are capable of machining highly demanding materials to customer needs and requirements. In addition to mass production we supply larger entities.

Demanding destinations for machining requires specialized know-how and diverse machinery. We manufacture components with high quality and expertise. 

» Machining

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Marine and Power 

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We have delivered high quality demanding machining, especially for marine engines and power plant engines.

Kilkanen is dedicated to manufacture machined parts with the best equipment and the best expertise to ensure the standards for demanding engines in the marine and power indistries. 


Oil and Gas

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We have manufactured machined parts for oil fields, where circumstances call for extreme durability. We have manufactured parts specifically to sub sea assemblies. We manufacture our products of high quality materials focus on maintaining quality standards. This is why even the most demanding conditions are no problem for quality and durability of products.

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Mazak Integrex

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One of our reliable machines: Mazak Integrex 300-IV ST.

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